What We Do

The North Carolina Pretrial Services Association (NCPSA) is made up of 30 programs that provide pretrial services to 30 of the 100 counties in North Carolina.  We provide pretrial screening services for the court system and monitoring of released pretrial defendants.  We are funded by local county government.

Pretrial Services

We work with courts, counties, and the public to provide:

  1. Pretrial officers interview and investigate newly arrested defendants to gather information for the court so that informed, appropriate bond decisions can be made.
  2. Pretrial programs assure that equal access to justice is provided to all defendants, regardless of income status.
  3. Pretrial programs help to reduce unnecessary detention by providing appropriate supervision options to the court for defendants awaiting trial.  This allows counties to safely and efficiently manage jail populations, alleviate jail crowding and reduces county jail costs while enhancing and maintaining the integrity of the judicial process.

The Courts

Pretrial Services for Courts

Pretrial officers work with North Carolina courts to collect defendant information and monitor for conditions of release.

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The Public

Pretrial Services for the Public

We provide a cost efficient alternative to pretrial incarceration that ensures taxpayers are not overly paying for incarceration.

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The Counties

Pretrial Services for Counties

Pretrial officers provide comprehensive jail population management to North Carolina counties to keep jail costs in line.

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All Pretrial Services Programs in North Carolina are operated and/or funded by County Government.  For more information about Pretrial Services Programs or the North Carolina Pretrial Services Association, please call Kim Gordon, N.C.P.S.A. President, at 828-250-6287.

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