Pretrial Services for the Public

We provide a cost efficient alternative to pretrial incarceration for certain defendants.  This ensures that taxpayers are not paying $70 (or more) a day to house someone charged with trespassing for instance.  That same type of defendant can most often be safely supervised by a pretrial program for as little as $1.75 a day.

Pretrial Services for the PublicWe also provide a way for victims of physical assault to have their concerns communicated to the court.  If the defendant is released to one of our programs, the victim can call and report contact or harassment issues and those issues will be reported to the court.

Violations of court ordered release conditions or arrest for a new crime may result in the defendant being brought back to jail.  This keeps repeat offenders and those defendants who refuse to obey court orders out of the community.

All Pretrial Services Programs in North Carolina are operated and/or funded by County Government.  For more information about Pretrial Services Programs or the North Carolina Pretrial Services Association, please call Kim Gordon, N.C.P.S.A. President, at 828-250-6287.

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